It was on that day in 2001 that Lee’s client and friend, superstar singer Aaliyah, died when her plane crashed shortly after takeoff in the Bahamas.

This week, Vibe is publishing anniversary tributes to Aaliyah – sparking fans of her music to do the same.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton achieved great success in her short life.

King, who worked on Aaliyah’s very successful sophomore album “One in a Million,” recalled her concern for him dealing with the frigid temps of Detroit during a work trip they once shared in her hometown.

Despite being famous and an award-nominated singer, Aaliayh would still sit in her dad’s lap, bring her high school friends to her recording sessions and hold her mom’s hand, King said.

As her stylist, Lee said Aaliyah maintained control of her look – from the baggy jeans and bandanas she started out wearing to the more feminine attire she chose in later years.

Lee said he would spend the anniversary of Aaliyah’s death remembering the woman who became more than just his client.