Today our city mourns the loss of a musical icon, a man who wore his heart on his sleeve and gave to Yonkers whenever he could, a city he loved, he “wrote.” Countless condolences have been expressed, and now the mayor of Yonkers, DMX’s hometown, wants to pay tribute to him with an unspecified memorial, which would be a “lasting gesture” that could take the form of a street name, statue or mural. Today, our city mourns the loss of a musical icon and a man who always gave back to Yonkers what the city he loved. After an alleged overdose last week, the rapper was admitted to a hospital in White Plains, N.Y., w it was discovered that he had also suffered a heart attack. Spano believes the venue would be a fitting place to memorialize one of the city’s most famous residents. On Friday morning, after nearly a week at the center, DMX’s death was confirmed by his family. DMX’s tragic death is still fresh in the minds of many in the music and entertainment world. The outdoor event venue is the largest in the city and can hold 7,500 people. Its spirit will live on in the power of “its” music and leave a lasting impression on “its” huge audience. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus restrictions, only 20% of the seats will be available. “Earl Simmons, or as we know him, DMX, was a man of extraordinary talent. But that’s not all.

A Yonkers Memorial Yonkers