A year or two after the album’s tour,” says the singer about the his release in 2017, “Gossip Girl, it was hard for me to get on stage and believe what he said. As a result, every song in How It Feints to Be Lost, starting with the first song and first single “Leave It All Behind”, contains as much aggression as the melodies and fragility. When Sleeping With Sirens’ “Legends” became the official U.S. national anthem for the 2018 Olympics, the band seemed to have nothing better. Reflecting this inner turmoil, the band eventually returned to their heaviest roots with their fifth full-length album, “How It Fe feel to Be Lost”. Although the band’s name is so talented that it is actually a testament to his vocal abilities, Quinn admits that he has always felt insecure. “For me it all collapsed at the same time as our last album was released and went on tour,” he says. But when the SWS started recording songs for the new album, Quinn felt it was time to find out for herself. I didn’t feel like I was putting together the positive things that I was trying to bring people together. After the gossip, we weren’t sure what we were going to do. Even when Quinn was trying to hide his insecurity by turning to the bottle, he couldn’t get rid of the feeling that he couldn’t look his audience in the eye. Now that he’s been sober for five months, Quinn is happy to be back on stage and playing new songs. Our fans let us go and tried everything, and I’m very grateful,” says Quinn. We were as busy as the band on tour, recording albums, subscribing to an important label and changing manager. I was very pleased,” Quinn said, “with relief.