A mysterious Instagram post from Whyte Fang hints at the return of Alison Wonderlands’ decades-old alias. Not much is known about Whyte Fang, but Alison Wonderland has given “her” fans an inside look at “her” plans to revive the decades-old alias. The parallels between Alison Wonderland and Whyte Fang are undeniable. On Monday, May 3, a cryptic image appeared on Whyte Fang’s Instagram account of the alias. However, “her” distinctive voice lends a more punkish tone to Whyte Fangs’ industrial work, similar to the indie rock style of Shiny Toy Guns vocalist Kara Faye Charnow. Alison Wonderland, who released “her” second album and became the most sought-after female DJ at Coachella, is taking 2018 by storm. Alison Wonderland appears to be reviving an alias from a decade ago. Fans can now enjoy Alison Wonderlands’ 2019 concert at Red Rocks via 360-degree 4K HD video. Alison Wonderland returns to Red Rocks Amphitheatre just before summer turns to fall. Listen below to Thy New Sound, the first Whyte Fangs song released more than a decade ago in March 2011. Whyte Fangs’ most recent release, a synthpop song called Heart, was uploaded to SoundCloud in January 2014. Vogue Czechoslovakia recently collaborated with Alison Wonderland for a photo shoot. Alison Wonderland and RL Grime are expected to perform more frequently than B2B. She released the lead single Bad Things in September 2020 and then performed a stripped-down cover of the song on the legendary Capitol Records rooftop. The account, which hasn’t been very active since its inception in 2016, has only nine pages, two of which are dedicated to FMUOASL – the official merch store of Wonderlands – and its manager, Garth Crane.