A Woodstock 50 representative refused to comment on the move to Maryland, but Billboard reported Friday that festival organizers had released all artists from their performance contracts, meaning that any form of event would require new agreements between producers and artists. Earlier this month, experienced artist David Crosby Good Morning America, who was also planning the event, said the festival was “dead,” “did not take place” and that someone involved in planning the event was “a fraud” that “cheated” and mentioned Woodstock 50. Seth Hurwitz, president of the Mid-Atlantic I.M.M.M.M.P. concert promotion society, said Thursday that Woodstock’s 50 organizers will talk with Columbia Hall, Mrs. Ort Merriweather Post about the progress of the event. When Woodstock 50 is held, it won’t be a festival and it won’t be in New York; the music festival has been developing slowly since April, but may have found a new breath of life. Well, if it does, the festival won’t be held in the same part of New York’s interior as the original Woodstock. Woodstock 50, the music festival celebrating the 1969 concert, spent months traveling in public. But when it’s held at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, the capacity of nearly 20,000 seats will fade from the estimated 400,000 spectators at the original festival. The producers responded that they were disappointed that city officials rejected their “solid and thoughtful proposal. “Subsequently, municipal officials opposed this rating on the grounds that the organizers’ final proposal was “useless” because it contained the condition that none of the information contained in the proposal, such as security planning, would be properly guaranteed. A source confirmed to the NPR that Jay-Z, which was supposed to be on the front page of the festival, will not travel to Maryland. Then the place of origin, the Watkins Glen International Circuit, declared that the festival would not take place. But this cancellation was even cancelled after a judge ruled that the company did not have the contractual position to unilaterally stop the festival. The proposed alternative site in the city of Vernon, N.Y., rejected the producers’ proposal to organize the event no less than four times. Even today, the confirmed cancellations of Jay-Z and Fogerty do not mean the end of the road for Woodstock 50. Carlos Santana is expected to continue playing Woodstock 50 if that happens. Another Woodstock 50 actor, Creedence Clearwater Revival co-founder John Fogerty, made his plans for August.

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