50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson disses his estranged father on the budding rapper’s “Different,” a cut off his upcoming mixtape Escape.

On the song, Marquise, 50 Cent’s first-born son, raps about his father, “Lost my pops, he’s still alive.” Other lyrics on the track, which was inspired by Dr. Dre’s “What’s the Difference,” also address his father Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson; Dre previously produced 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.”.

In an interview with Rap-Up, Marquise talked about how and when his relationship with 50 Cent disintegrated.

“It completely went south when I was probably like 10 or 11. He wasn’t really around enough. It kind of dwindled down as time went on and certain events happened. For me, I just started feeling differently about him because growing up, my dad was my superhero. He’s on television, he does this, he does this, he would take me to school. It was like having a father who’s Superman, more or less,” Marquise said.

As I got older, you start realizing things or you start seeing certain patterns and it takes an effect on your relationship with people. That’s what happened with me and my father. He’s still alive but I can’t tell you our last conversation or the last time we even had a dialogue.”

As an extra touch of revenge, Marquise intentionally released “Different” on the day of Get Rich or Die Tryin”s 14th anniversary.

“This is for me. I’m my own man. I’m not trying to follow anybody else’s legacy. I’m trying to create my own,” Marquise said, adding that his father had not heard any of his new music, including “Different.”

On the bright side for 50 Cent, a judge ruled this weekend that the rapper is no longer bankrupt.