Pelican Zion Williamson spoke to reporters on Friday about his middle-aged training program. The new NBA bubble video showed that Williamson has gained weight in recent months. Coach Pelican Alvin Gentry talked about the impacthis’ stepfather had on Williamson: “His stepfather trained well every day and made surehe’ was in good shape when we caught him,” Gentry said. “Yes, I think t will be parts of my game that you’ve never seen before and you’ll see when we play,” Williamson said. Zion Williamson described how he improved his game in his 40 years. Williamson spent his free time with his father-in-law. “I felt like I was five years old again,” Williamson said in an interview with ESPN. “I went back to w I started, tried to put my body w it belongs, put my base back and started from t. The NBA is scheduled to return to Orlando July 15. Tell me about the new hip-hop news. “He’s made great strides in his shootings, I think. So, yeah, it was like a new start at five.