Thanks to rapper Larry Diamond from Brighton Mortal Kombat tries to compete with the bars of Bela Lugosi to create a mixture of hieroglyphics, oriental mysticism and kitschy nostalgia. And while most of us have endless conversations about approaches and drinking periods to blur the line between daytime drinking and alcoholism, Zatoichi’s Ears began to work. In “Know” rappers Twizzy and Deeq share their thoughts on how adversity can be transformed into life lessons through a repetitive piano melody. I’m not talking about closing the club, losing local codes or the endless parade of “quarantine bars” that appear on your Facebook. But the closure gave him time to dive into the niche w he started cutting in 2018 with In Syruppp. He can decipher the opaque symbolism of the texts for hours, but it’s easier to sit back and enjoy the flow. Controversial opinion: the lock-in has been good for hip-hop. The obsession with dark kung-fu films and oriental culture suggests simple comparisons with Wu-Tang. Shikomi-Zue Cuts Vol. 1 turns into gold at the party on Friday June 26th. Now you’re back with Shikomi-Zue Cuts Vol. 1, a mini-mix with some “your” colleagues from the GOTM label. So, yes, the lock may stink, but that’s what you do with it. But for some, the lock was an opportunity to perfect their skills. Be glad some people chose to hit bars and spit. Hopefully it won’t take another three months before Vol. 2. “Shao Kahn” is a typical example.

Lockdown Zatoichi Ears