YNW’s “Murder On My Mind” Melly is now number one in on-demand streaming songs. “Murder On My Mind essentially laid the cornerstone of the crippling Internet memes around Melly’s imprisonment, even though they were recorded years before the murders were committed. However, public interest in this controversial rapper has not yet diminished, as evidenced by the figures that his music continues to show, in particular his title “Murder On My Mind. YNW Melly was arrested just over a month ago and charged with murder in the first degree for his alleged involvement in the deaths of collaborators and friends, YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy. YNW “Melly’s murder in my head” not now. YNW “Melly’s murder in my head” not now. YNW “Melly’s murder on my head” not now. According to Nielsen, Melly reached the latter at the age of 35. 8 million in the week ending March 14, 5% less than the previous week. YNW Melly’s controversial track record continues to produce figures. In addition, the collaboration of rapper Kanye West “Mixed Personalities” has also gone from Billboard On-Demand Streaming Songs Chart number 1 to one centimeter and from number 1 to number 1. After leading the Billboard Hot 100 Songs charts, the track is now number 2, and Melly hasn’t been guilty of either since. 3 on the whole song board in streaming.