I think that’s why the audience was able to appreciate the Pentagon so well, in a song like “Shine”. “I would like to add that during the last year and a half, I felt that it was a very special moment and deeply felt for me, because it was a moment that made us realize that we are very grateful. Before writing ‘Shine’, I might have thought that we wanted to create a song that would be easy to listen to, either in the morning or just before bedtime, and that would be the basis of ‘Shine’. “E’Dawn was also involved, so we were able to create a unique song, easy to listen to, but in the same way it had a very funny message and sound. A year and a half after their debut, the band of 10 boys found an unexpected success in the growing success of “Shine,” a hip-hop song that underscores the group’s preference for soft raps and playful melodies. T are many great K-Pop artists, but we will shine among them as one of the best performance artists and make fans proud of us as a band. Hui: So instead of finding the perfect place to find the right song for us for a year and a half when they created the music, I realized that some of our music might be a little hard to hear very early in the morning. What we are most proud of and what our followers should know the most is that we are sure that we will shine among all the stars of K-Pop. Yeoone: First of all, we are grateful for all the support we have received, but we also want all our fans to have great expectations, as we will have more surprises in the near future. In a year and a half, we have been able to find the right colour for our team and as leaders, we are very proud to have been able to find an exact colour that fits the team perfectly. Hongseok: They can’t promise when they will come out as a unit, but they have plans and discussions about the unit. Hongseok: I think everyone is happy to be in New York, for most of us it’s the first time we’ve been in New York and met our fans in New York, so I think everyone is happy. Although the Pentagon is not the last artist in the KCON 2018 New York line-up, it’s perhaps the K-Pop group that has had the most to show for it. The Pentagon made its debut in late 2016, but “Shine” was really a slow-burning tube that made you sit down and take notes. Hui: We started a year and a half ago and tried different things and concepts. Not only did this title become their first success in Korea, but it also marked a breakthrough in the American charts. We received this love and the love of the public after a year and a half, and we only recognize it now and can appreciate it much more. Let’s leave the music. You have released songs under the names Vocal Unit and Rap Unit. Read on to hear their thoughts about what contributed to their success, their exciting future plans and much more. I heard that Triple H will be out soon. The name is WooShinYan-three members Wooseok, Shinwon and Yanam if WooShinYan. And as soon as possible, we will release a new album in Korea. Actually, we have another unit. Hongseok: Because everyone has a different taste! But we’re working on it. Hui: And then, in August, we’ll go back to Japan. You’re members, but you’re still one of the biggest groups .

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