The surprise return of Seth Rollins turned an uneventful and predictable – seriously, we predicted every match result perfectly – WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday night at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, into a show that will be discussed around water coolers on Monday.

Rollins, the crowd favorite and former World Heavyweight Champion out since suffering a serious knee injury in November 2015, returned to thunderous cheers following a main event that saw much-maligned champion Roman Reigns retain his title against challenger A.J. Styles.

Following Reigns’ hard-fought win over Styles, Reigns remained in the ring grimacing before rising to get his hand raised by the referee.

Rollins is arguably the most “Over” performer in WWE, and he will likely immediately be thrust back into the title picture now that Reigns has dispatched of Styles twice in a month.

Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm by production, and Reigns responded with a back body drop to Styles on the announce table.

Reigns sold a knee injury during the match but looked to be in control after first connecting with his Superman Punch when Styles tried to leap into the ring and then nailing a spear outside the ring.

That’s when Styles “Lost it,” grabbing a chair to wipe out The Usos and Reigns and make it a one-on-one match again.