The most amazing thing is that the sound of songs like “Cactused” from “his” 17th album “Mind Hive” goes so well with “French Film Blurred from “his” 1978 album – and one of my favorite albums I’ve ever done is “Chairs Missing”: Watch Wire Play The Tiny Desk More than 40 years after its founding, the British post-punk pioneers finally visited Tiny Desk. Imagine that your favorite artist gives a concert today in someone’s office in 2062 and still makes an emotional impression with extraordinary new songs. Over the last 40 years I’ve spent a lot of time in the afternoon listening to “his” original artistic noise and images and seeing them in dark clubs in the 80s and later. Producers: Bob Boylan, Morgan Noel Smith, Maya Stern; creative director: Bob Boylan; sound engineer: Josh Rogosin, Jay. It was more than surreal for me to see Wire performing on my desk in broad daylight in 2020. Since I first heard it in 1977, few bands have embodied my musical aesthetic as much as Wire. Matthew Simms is a “new” partner who has been with the band for 10 years now. As I said before, “he” is more than surrealistic and really exciting.

Wire Play Years