Margot Robbie Jared Leto, Will Smith and Cara Delevingne are all a part of the titular squad, and have taken their devotion to their characters fairly seriously by giving each other matching ‘SKWAD’ tattoos during filming.

Joel Kinnaman, who stars in the film as military officer Rick Flag, had his tattoo done by Smith.

In a post on Instagram, he commended Smith’s acting but said his tattooing abilities were ‘like watching a drunk baby fly a helicopter’.

Who got her big break in Neighbours, gave manager David Ayer his Skwad tattoo while she was in her full Harley Quinn make-up.

The episode mirrors the now famous story of the Lord Of The Rings cast getting tattoos of the word ‘nine’ spelled in Elvish after shooting the very first movie, The Fellowship Of The Ring.

Elijah Wood, Sean Bean, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen were among individuals who seen a New Zealand tattoo parlour to indicate their time together.

However, while the LOTR cast spent years together bonding during distant shoots and being involved in among the very iconic fantasy films of all time, this Squad might wind up repenting these if the movie works out to be a complete flop.

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