Because Jordan Peele, who writes “We”, has not smoked so many weeds. “I didn’t know if it would ever end,” Peele told the African American Film Critics Association gala in 2018, which now tells Variety he doesn’t like to write “Us,” his new horror thriller with Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke. “You have to watch the movie, because there’s so much new stuff to take with you,” said Peeley. “You know what? Less, much, much, much less, much less, much less, much less, much less, much less, much less,” Peele said Friday night at the premiere of “We” in Austin. “You have to be afraid of scissors,” laughs Peele. At first Peele wore a shiny blue dress, which contained bloody scissors, while Nyong’o paid homage with a pair of scissors. “What I’ve said so far is that we, as a culture, are afraid of intruders. Nyong’o and Duke have two young children who are persecuted by a family that is like them. The film is full of layers and nuances that have asked the audience many questions about the meaning of everything it contains. “Now I have a son. Paternity has changed to Jordan Peele. This also includes the horrible use of scissors.

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