When asked about his previous participation in the R&B, the successful “Hopeless Romantic” parade with Swae Lee, before his Doritos Blaze-sponsored appearance at Life Is Beautiful a few weeks ago, Wiz reveals that he would be willing to do a project exclusively with R&B-Vibe: “Absolutely! it says “he”. Before coming on stage, Wiz continued to share some of his “favorite R&B items of the moment” and revealed to me if he “thought” that he “would get the proper recognition to be a rap pioneer, and he didn’t forget to inform me about” his cannabis strain, Khalifa Kush, and plans to buy Netflix. Born in Pittsburgh, she has produced magnetic stoner music in 2010 with Kush & Orange Juice, Cabin Fever hits and pop friendly tracks with Rolling Papers 2011 and Rolling Papers 2 in 2018, and has even abandoned today a collaboration with the duo R&B THEY, who announced their first EP Fireside last November and played the song “What I Know Now” with the rapper. Since 2009, he has managed to maintain his relevance and survive all the hip-hop trends of the fashion era, a feat that should not go unnoticed, and a controversial divorce with his ex-wife Amber Rose, a star in his right to survival. Don’t be surprised if Wiz Khalifa makes a breakthrough in the world of R&B in the future. Never before had t been a project full of magical pieces of the variety “Hopeless Romantic” or “Late Night Messages”, conceived mainly with love. With six studio albums and countless mixtapes to their credit, t’s no better time for “el” to expand his musical palette than now. “And it seems that this new collaboration with them. The magician’s ability to overcome the test of time simply by following his wave is one of the many reasons for his enduring “success”. Wiz Khalifa’s domination of Taylor Gang proved to be almost effortless during his musical career. Read a condensed and revised transcript of our conversation below.

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