Happy Friday! We are still thinking about David Hasselhoff’s Heavy Metal project. Wonderful’ is the latest version of a series of Archie singles, after ‘Hung Up’, ‘Blackout’ and ‘It Rains’. Archie said about the video: “When I hear “Wonderful”, I think I fall in love with London. So I wanted the video to start on the train, but this time, real or on the passenger’s head, the relationship develops on the ground. Archie Faulks released the video for the new sound single “Wonderful”. David, the director, had just moved to London, so he had a very romantic view of the city. So it was important to me that the video was a love story set in London. We sat in front of the people and watched them fall in love for five minutes before they arrived at the show. Jade Bird shared her first protected album. Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s be realistic. A vision I had as a child, but with a time and experience that lasted forever, it was easy to die. The basement is a space w life on the floor is not important. I have been the victim of many of these clandestine fashions. But London can always surprise you. 29 March. .

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