Steely Dan’s Walter Becker Dies At 67 : The Two-Way The guitarist, bassist and songwriter leaves behind a handful of classic albums that blended rock, jazz and sonic perfection in unprecedented fashion.

Walter Becker, co-founder of Steely Dan, died Sunday at the age of 67, according to his website.

Fagen told reporters in August that Becker had undergone a medical procedure that prevented him from touring.

Becker had performed with Steely Dan as recently as April.

Walter Carl Becker founded Steely Dan with singer and songwriter Donald Fagen in 1972, and with the help of many talented session musicians, the band released a string of popular and critically-acclaimed albums that combined rock, jazz and studio wizardry in unprecedented fashion.

“[M]ost of the things that go into the fusion category are premeditated efforts to take incompatible musics and put them together,” Becker told the New York Times in 1977.

The band temporarily disbanded in 1981, during which time Becker focused on producing records rather than making them himself.

Steely Dan’s popularity never waned, and Becker and Fagen regrouped in 1993, primarily as a touring band.

Becker and Fagen were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame a year later.

Walter Becker