Victor Oladipo has developed into a headliner in Indiana, and is quickly growing “Sick and tired” of the comparisons to former Pacers superstar Paul George.

Just when you think #Victor Oladipo can’t top his last performance, he does.

Oladipo simply wants to play, and not always get measured against the guy he was traded for last summer.

“It was incredible,” said Oladipo, who also had seven rebounds and six assists.

W are the people who said the Pacers were fleeced when they traded George this summer? For several days, Oladipo knows he will be hearing plenty of talk about the trade, and about George.

Oladipo is riding high, preferring not to let outside noise ruin his karma.

“I’m kind of getting sick and tired of the comparisons with Paul George and myself,” said Oladipo following Sunday’s game.

Victor Oladipo