The UK has had its own scene from the beginning and even with Jungle and Drum & Bass Americans love British material and I think that’s the level of sophistication they have, thnx for supporting the underground, and thank you for supporting a real culture. British artists, I want to do jungle music, drums and bass guitar or work with someone from the Bristol movement at the time. I Can See The Sun” is the first single from my next album “Hentai”. I feel like Skyzoo is the stupidest lyricist on the market right now, it’s not appreciated at all, and he chose that beat. It used to be hip-hop in New York like in the USA, but now you see kids growing up with traps, J-Rap, boom-bop, so these days you see a lot of variations, but I don’t think you see so many individual artists like in the USA, the lyrics are all the same. The rapid whirring and fame of “your” music led to common world scenes and collaboration with heavyweights like Sadat X, Craig G, Big Professor and others. 44 offers fans a complete catalogue of albums, mixtapes and EPs, all with a mix of sounds and rhythms from jazz to funk and “your” lyrical images. Advertising, bringing artists to Japan, reading books, collecting words. Pop music sucks, 85% of people are crazy, but t is always 10% and 5%. I think about real people who serve culture. Tell us about your recent single with Skise. I can’t exactly remember, maybe 25 years. By continuing to use this site, you agree to use it.

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