Zac Efron is getting a lot of flak for his recent remarks about his character on “High School Musical.” But just as the actor seemingly expressed his regret over playing Troy Bolton in the Disney series, he had nice things and good memories to say about his former cast mates, including his ex, Vanessa Hudgens, through a throwback photo.

Parent Herald previously reported that Zac Efron admitted regrets over playing Troy Bolton from the original “High School Musical.” But perhaps to downplay the comments against the Disney TV movie, the young actor posted a photo of the original cast on his Instagram.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens’ romance from the TV movie turned into real life, which fans were thrilled to follow.

Now, fans are saying that Vanessa Hudgens responded to Zac Efron’s throwback post on Twitter, w she posted a photo of herself and her former beau kissing each other.

Hudgens used the photo to link an article to her lifestyle blog and although the image was cropped, the resemblance to the actors was noticeable.

It’s still unclear whether Zac and Vanessa will have a participation in the coming “High School Musical 4” production.

Vanessa Hudgens