User synchronization. I hit the ball so hard that my ring flew and landed,” says Pump in the clip. Everyone comes and says, “I don’t know how to hit a golf ball, your dumb bitch, because I know how to hit a golf ball. Rapper Harverd Droverd Droverd Droverd Dropout went to Miami on Friday night (March 22nd) to have fun playing golf, but lost nearly $100,000 after one of his starting rings had left. The video that appeared on the internet shows top-level golfers in the shooting gallery looking for a six-digit gem. An employee found the ring near the networks around the range, far from w the beater was. “If you’re @lilpump or a bit frustrated, you’ve lost something in the field, we’ll help you get it back,” they called the video. “I’m now in the top of the Golf. The “stupid fool,” he picked up, “The shit went from t to . Lil Pump almost made a very expensive trip to the golf course. Later he talked about the incident in his Instagram Story after he was called by his fans. See the pictures below of the search for the pump ring. 2019 XXL Mag XXL is part of The XXL Network, Townsquare Media, Inc. All rights reserved.