Union Chapel Minister Vaughan Jones describes the event as “a performance that will inspire and strengthen you with its realistic but hopeful message. “Dark Sacred Nights,” named after Louis Armstrong’s “What Wonderful World,” will explore conservation issues and creative themes for various artists in their performances. Shalom’s wonderful choirs will bring “her” message of hope and joy for peace, and Claudina Edwards will explore the sense of despair that can arise when faced with global challenges. On Good Friday, the Union Chapel will host an evening of music, poetry and dance to explore and question the future of our planet. Among the new works is an inspirational piece by Ensemble Ben Comeau, inspired by the banners of recent student marches on climate change. I am delighted once again that the group has brought together such a talented group of artists for this important day. Throughout the evening, each artist will contribute in their own way to the conversation about the state of our environment.

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