From the already mentioned JB feeling of “Turn Up The Sound” to the free funk “Headband – a meter-like cut with additional eccentricity! And that’s the essence of “Any Day Now,” a peculiar and often eccentric vision of Brooks’ funk and soul. Listen to Brooks’ hardcore funk in its heaviest form in “Turn Up The Sound”; these are four bizarre minutes that the Godfather of Soul himself would be proud of. Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent soul news and review website compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, Britain’s two most experienced and respected soul writers. The band can also perform “Sweeter Soul”, as can be seen in “So Turned On” – an elegant return to the urban soul of the 60s in cities like Chicago, but not a “soft” soul. But in general, the sound of Brooks’ funk in all its nuances misses the bass parts, tight drums, dry wind, biting guitars and modest voices. Brooks is a Canadian soul and funk band. Moonbeam”, for example, has a dark cinematic presence, “Never Thought” has strange vocal effects in the Bootsy Collins style, while “Blue Dream” is madness. Contact us, we offer very competitive prices for your ad on our website. The focus is on instrumentalist Alexander Lapointe and Florida-born singer Alan Prater. He is really organic and not very sentimental. When applying for an account, you can comment on all “his” favorite content in SJF. This is true. Orders are processed manually. T is a lot between them.

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