This year, UKHHHH has certified new bands, including ensembles from the original black poet High Focus Jam Baxter, colleagues from the lyricist Dead Players and the powerful funkist; Dabbla, OG Barsman Skinnyman, Joe Burn & Skitz’s Hip Hop sound system, Illaman will be difficult to detect in Pengshui’s band, Gardna x Eva Lazerus and a little more. Late last year with the sick Huckleberry EP on MANA Records, it’s a sure thing that you can expect impressive releases in 2019. Constituting a quadruple threat of the most serious injustice the coastal city of Folkestone could offer, the new Backward Sun has released this year a relentless series of melodies that have yet to put a foot in the wrong. Brotherman has acquired veteran status with a record career going back more than a decade and recognition from names like Skitz, Essa and Skinnyman, and is more than necessary for his time in the spotlight. No wonder that in his first year, he has already given impressive concerts such as the Bestival and a place of support for Black Josh. The shooting of Verbal Highz’s single “Takin Over” video was one of the highlights of last year’s Nozstock: this year we are LITERALLY taking the Bullpen stage for a presentation of British hip-hop talents that we are willing to acknowledge, I bet our left balls are ready for recognition. We are honoured and more than excited to occupy the Bullpen stage for 2 hours on Friday of this year’s festival. We had discovered Swagger a week earlier and since then we have released his second video for the single “Hulk Hogan” on our channel. And one fortunately . We hired George and shortly after he hit us to tell us that his DJ was Mick Swagger and jumped into the microphone to verbally attack Nozstock from back to back. One of the many massively underexposed areas of the British hip-hop scene; most of the southeast of our island has a surprisingly innovative community of fans and spittle. With the return of daylight at night and the approaching heat waves, the festival season is almost and planning for ham in a field is on the agenda. T is still time. But it wouldn’t matter much if we didn’t have a lot of things we really believe in. Still relatively new, we’re rap fans since he in Reading. They have generously released a 3 track EP this week which you can download for free . Great things come in 2019. We love George Bucks. T’s something in the water in Kent. Tickets are now available. The MC of the MC. Watch this guy.

UKHH Summer