Tyler, the Creator has unveiled his new video for “Who Dat Boy,” which features A$AP Rocky.

It’s Tyler, the Creator’s first new music since 2015’s Cherry Bomb.

The new visuals are self-directed by Tyler, the Creator’s alter ego, Wolf Haley.

A$AP Rocky moonlights as a surgeon in the clip and he begins operating on Tyler, the Creator’s face, but it’s not long before the police come knocking.

When Tyler, the Creator emerges from surgery he has a different face stapled over his wounds and the pair escape down the street.

The Creator is driving away as the police are in hot pursuit.

The funk-grooved tune opens with a pleading, “Call me, call me, call me,” before Tyler, the Creator introduces himself.

Last fall, Tyler, the Creator also teamed with A$AP Rocky for A$AP Rocky’s “Telephone” alongside Playboy Carti and Yung Gleesh.

Frank Ocean recently enlisted Tyler, the Creator and Jay-Z for “Biking.” In May, Tyler, the Creator unveiled a making-of documentary about 2015’s Cherry Bomb.

Tyler The Creator