“I thought of it more as a fever song,” he said.

“Most pop songs are about the lyrical side of love, the pleasant side. I’ve always liked writing about the other side, the darker side. An eclipse seemed like the perfect image to describe when someone is totally overwhelmed by love. It’s like an eclipse. T’s no more light at all.”

The original cut of the song was over seven minutes long, but for radio it was cut down to a four and a half minutes.

The song flew up the charts all over the world, reaching #1 on the Hot 100 on October 1st, 1983, knocking Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About it” down a slot.

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” has never really gone away, becoming one of the most beloved pop songs of the entire 1980s.

It’s given her a lot of work over the years, and she was even hired to sing it on a Caribbean cruise ship during today’s eclipse.

Total Eclipse of the Heart