Although the alleged victim is not mentioned by name in the Los Angeles DA press release and is mentioned only as a “rapper friend,” the time and details of the incident coincide with the accusations of rapper and singer Megan Tai Stallion on July 15. Before the charges were released, t was a media malfunction: Tori Lanes denied the charges against Megan Tai Stallion for the album she hastily released last month, and she said the shooting was a media joke. Tori lanes is accused of killing the stallion Megan Tai Stallion. Tori Lanez faces several crimes related to the shooting in the Hollywood hills on July 12. On Thursday, Tori Lanez was charged with assaulting a woman in the Hollywood Hills on July 12. The details of the incident coincide with the charges of rapper and singer Megan Tea Stallion. The Los Angeles district attorney’s charges include assault with a semi-automatic gun, personal use of firearms, and carrying a loaded and unregistered gun in a car. The charges against Lanez, whose name at birth is Deustar Peterson, will be brought on October 1. According to the indictment, “the defendant and 24-year-old victim had a quarrel while driving an SUV through Hollywood hills. Besides, he is accused of carrying a pistol and personal infliction of serious bodily injures. If convicted, he is sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Lanez Tory Lanez Charged