If you’re Tony Hawk,, age remains just a number.

While the rest of us have pegged the later years of our fourth decade as a time for rocking chairs and porch beers, Hawk’s sippin’ from the fountain of youth above the coping of his vert ramp, and still stomping tricks that few in skateboarding can get close to pulling off.

Hawk just released the video above of him recently landing a 900, again – Whaddya think you’ll be doing at 48?

This comes 17 years, to the day, after Tony Hawk stuck the first 900 ever at the X Games in San Francisco.

No one had ever chased a trick like Hawk chased that 900, and it set the bar high for every defining action sport moment from then on, no matter the discipline.

What it did for Hawk’s career was immeasurable, though he hardly needed the boost in fame.

“It was literally a shock heard ’round the world. That 900, in and of itself, sent the X Games into the stratosp.”

The 900, two and a half full rotations above the coping of a vert ramp, stands the test of time as one of skateboarding’s most impressive achievements.

Tony Hawk