Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, was scheduled to campaign on Donald J. Trump’s behalf Monday in Florida, but she had canceled to return to Alaska after her husband, Todd, was hospitalized in a snow machine accident.

The former governor of Alaska, still managed to appear with Mr. Trump at his event , and in response to a question from the audience about the Second Amendment, Mr. Trump invoked both her and her husband.

Referring to the terrorist attacks of San Bernardino, Calif., Mr. Trump said the situation might have unfolded differently had others in the room been armed.

“If Todd Palin were in that room, frankly, if Sarah Palin were in the room – forget about Todd, especially now,” Mr. Trump said, seeming to refer to Mr. Palin’s hospitalization.

“If Sarah Palin were in that room, if somebody were in that room that had a gun of some kind, attached to the hip, attached to the ankle, with bullets that could fly in the opposite direction, you wouldn’t have this,” Mr. Trump concluded.

T seemed to be no hard feelings, with Mr. Trump thanking Ms. Palin at the end of his speech and telling her to “Get home to that incredible husband.”

Todd Palin