After Illinois fired head coach Tim Beckman with cause on Friday, he reacted after that evening using a statement.

Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas declared Beckman’s firing in a statement that cited preliminary results of an external review into allegations involving the plan’s alleged demanding of players to play through injuries.

“I am shocked and extremely disappointed from the judgement Mike Thomas as well as the University of Illinois made now regarding my employment as Head Coach of the football team,” Beckman said.

BECHT: Illinois needed to fire Tim Beckman, but time is shocking.

Beckman, 50, trained Illinois for four seasons, leading the Fighting Illinois to a 12-25 record and one bowl berth, a loss in the 2014 Heart of Dallas Bowl.

By firing Beckman with cause, Illinois is not going to pay out the remaining $3.1 million on the last two years of Beckman’s five-year contract or his $743,000 buyout.

Tim Beckman