T is never much at stake in a show like World of Dance, but last night’s episode – the last of Duel Eps this season – was particularly tense. In a program like World of Dance t is never much at stake, but last night’s episode – the last of Duel Eps this season – was very tense. While we don’t deny that we laugh at most of Main Guys’ gag-tastic hip-hop choreographies, “his” stupid penis couldn’t resist the perfectly synchronized contemporary lines of Radiance. In a corner was Siudy, who represented admirable flamenco dancers from around the world, but in a television programme that sometimes prefers more familiar dance styles to the American public. Although these two groups share an impressive synchronicity and an intense attack that animates every movement, Unity L.A.’s choreography had a dynamic that simply cannot be compared to that of Style & Grace. Motiv Crew is the classic “World of Dance”: a powerful and technically exceptional hiphop with an electric stage presence. On the other corner was Fuego Dance Crew, who created an exciting and fascinating choreography. Did you have a good weekend? Because the ladies of the K-Pop BLACKPINK supergroup certainly did: their video “Kill This Love” broke Ariana Grandes’ record for the most popular YouTube debut in 24 hours. Radiance’s highest song made every hit even more impressive and put them in place to show more of this worthy girl’s power on The Cut. Her performance includes not only incredible tricks and incredible precision, but also the burlesque energy that makes watching so much fun. In the end, it was this exciting driving force that prompted Unity L.A. to do so.

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