Clippers and warriors honoured Nipsey Hussle a few hours after his death. After the match, the team paid tribute to the rapper by hanging a special Nipsey Hussle shirt in the locker room. The tragic death of Nipsey Hussle shocked many on Sunday, when the news of the attack and his subsequent death shook the music industry. The Los Angeles Clippers, who often attend the Hussle game, did him a special honor on Sunday night at the Staples Center. And on Sunday, some NBA teams paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle in their buildings. LeBron James, Steph Curry and many other players of the NBA were surprised by the armed violence and later by the death of Hussle, who explained his words and words tailored to family that his own pain. Many musicians and fans complained of his death online when details of the attack with the gun were published in front of his store in Los Angeles. For some, Hussle was more than just a musician activating them – he was a friend and a mutual fanatic in the same way.

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