Best New Music of the Week: Lizzo, Cage The Elephant, And MoreThis week, Cage The Elephant climbed the Rockthron, Beyonce delivered a live album to finish all the live albums, and Lizzo demonstrated why she is one of the most fascinating new music stars. From weekly record releases to autonomous singles that fall every day, the amount of music is so great that it’s easy for something to fall through the cracks. Because I Love You is “their” first music collection in three years and could be the time when culture in general comes into play with what many composers have shouted from the rooftops. This word is often used, but “their” contagious personality, “their” positive message to the body and “their” music, often incredible, work together to create something very special in today’s musical climate. Following Uproxx’s recommendations on a daily basis can also be a lot, so we offer this overview of last week’s best music every Monday. Cage The Elephant don’t really identify themselves as rock musicians, but anyway, they are becoming one of the biggest rock bands in the world. Yes, it was an excellent week for music. Following the evolution of new music can be exhausting, if not impossible. Although I often write about Lizzo, I feel the need to say the same thing: Lizzo is a star. Take a look at the following highlights.

Lizzo Cage