The best new music of the week: Jenny Lewis, Tame Impala and more. This week, Jenny Lewis returned with another strong solo, Strand Of Oaks delivering the best album of her career, and Tame Impala preparing fans for her next cycle by showing as much talent on the keys as they did on the guitar. Steven Hyden of Uproxx writes about the album: “Your writing style is to invite you to line up a series of strong drinks, give you a nice buzz and then lean on some strong truths. From weekly record releases to autonomous singles that fall every day, the amount of music is so great that it’s easy for something to fall through the cracks. Following Uproxx’s recommendations every day can also be a lot, so every Monday we offer you this overview of last week’s best music. On his sixth album Strand Of Oaks, Timothy Showalter lost almost everything after a deep depression that put his career and his life in danger. Both in Rilo Kiley and as a soloist, Jenny Lewis has had a remarkably stable career that now seems to follow a fair course. But with the help of the members of My Morning Jacket, she made her point under the best music of her career. Eraserland is a record of emotional honesty and impressive quality that seems destined to stand the test of time. Yes, it was a very good week for the new music. Following the evolution of new music can be exhausting, if not impossible. Check out the following highlights. And the last one is one of the best.

Jenny Lewis