Joshua Neally, a US citizen, was driving in his Tesla Model X from office to home when he began getting breathless after suffering from a massive attack of pulmonary embolism.

Instead of calling for an ambulance to help him, he switched the car into auto pilot mode and decided to find a hospital by depending on the car’s self-driving mode.

A lawyer by profession, 37-year-old Neally managed to steer his Tesla to arrive at the road leading to the hospital’s emergency department.

Tesla’s Model X has a unique feature that allows the car to pilot it, which includes braking, accelerating and steering to an extent, usually during long stretches of freeway driving.

In a previous incident, a driver named Joshua Brown, was killed in crash in Florida when he used a similar car in auto-pilot mode.

Though Tesla’s car with an auto-pilot feature is not a true-self-driving car, the technology is being developed to help replace humans as drivers with the help of software.

On arrival to the hospital, the doctors in Branson toll Neally that he suffered from pulmonary embolism, a potentially fatal obstruction of a blood vessel in his lungs.

Slate further reported, ‘If you ask Neally he’ll tell you he was lucky to be driving a Tesla.

As he writhed in the driver’s seat, the vehicle’s software negotiated 20-plus highway miles to a hospital just off an exit ramp.

Tesla Model X