Tekashi’s lawyers hope to get him out long before his statement, but t is no guarantee that his new music will be in such high demand before its release – which means that after a year of legal fees, he may have to make some additional collaborations with international artists to compensate for these losses. According to the complaint, Tekashi was paid €88.00 for the feature film, but after Tekashi was arrested for blackmail, 10K Projects stated that its exclusive rights to Tekashi’s work meant that each release had to have its approval. Apparently, Sleiman failed to get this approval, which means he spent almost $100,000 in U.S. dollars and is very angry, which is understandable. It seems that rapper Tekashi 69 a prisoner can still find a way to get into even more serious trouble despite what happened to him last year. Sleiman sues 10K and Tekashi for song rights and a refund. Of course, given all the rumors of money problems around Tekashi’s name, perhaps the best thing to do is not to put the farm in the money that returns.

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