Few people arrived on Saturday Night Live better prepared to contribute than Taran Killam.

By the time he was cast in 2010, he had already appeared on three other television sketch shows: The Amanda Show, Wild ‘n Out, and Mad TV. Killam was a member of the Groundlings, the L.A. improv theater that has produced so many SNL cast members, and like many Groundlings, Killam proved adept at big characters.

He’ll probably be best remembered for Jebidiah Atkinson and his Brad Pitt impression, both which had a buzz about them that comes with a transcendent SNL moment.

That said, it’s hard not think of Killam’s run on SNL as a little disappointing.

We wrote at the end of his second season: “Taran Killam Is SNL’s Next Big Thing.” He was not, as Killam proved himself a bit too much of a ‘tweener.

We’ll always have these unforgettable SNL moments.

“Protective Brother”This sketch is most often referred to as “Glice” for the word Killam says over and over and over.

It’s a good example of what people who loved Killam loved about him on the show.

“Call Your Girlfriend”This technically wasn’t on the show, but his recreation of the “Call Your Girlfriend” video was easily Killam’s most memorable moment.

Taran Killam