Then “karma”, dark, deep thinking. Natalie recalls because I don’t have a particular genre, and I’m kind of detached from everyone,” says Natalie. Natalie recalls, “I asked: “Do you want to be the first artist on my label? And I said, “You want to be the first artist on my label? “Yes, I don’t do anything else.” “Natalie laughs when she remembers how she and “Goldie” accidentally started talking about their recording contract. The songs range from the single “Sirens” with her solo jazz pipe lines to the captivating “Diamond”, a medium rhythm groove with poetic lyrics: “This is about my ex,” says Natalie. The album is tasteful and the arrangements are elegant and sober. I was very influenced by Solange’s album A Seat At The Table,” Natalie explains. “It’s hard because I can’t perform live, so I’ll probably just do a few shows on the internet,” says Natalie. The Sunday Times” called the album “one of the first albums of the year”, but when the album didn’t make it to the charts, Verva showed Natalie the door and her career lost its vitality. “It’s a collection of songs about a period in my life when I left an old relationship and started a new one,” explains the singer, a native of Croydon. “It was an incredible experience,” says Natalie. Havingher’ on board was like a wedding in heaven, but they never met,” laughs Natalie. I remember as a child listening to “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” from top to bottom, listening to all the songs, listening to all the races and listening to every little thing,” she says. Second chances are not common in the traditional music industry, with theher’ philosophy of today, tomorrow disappears’. As a result, record companies tend to be short-lived and brutally dismantled by major labels when they reach their end of life or no longer benefit. What do you think is catharsis for writing songs and expressing “your” emotions through music? “100%”, says “she”. “Goldie” is like he when you see he on TV,” laughs Natalie. “I say that when my emotions are strong – be it happiness or sadness, stress or anger – the music just comes to me,” she says. Althoughshe’ had an early musical talent and started writing songs at an early age, Natalie did not performher’ first on stage untilshe’ was 16 whenshe’ played Alicia Case’sFall’ at a school concert.

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