QUINCY – Police say a man who likes to go by Suge Knight robbed three people of their phones and pot at gunpoint.

No, it wasn’t actually the co-founder of Death Row records – police say it actually was a 25-year-old Quincy man named Samson G. Abraha.

Around 7 p.m. Nov, 14, Quincy police were called to 43 Keyes St. in Quincy Point for reports of a robbery involving a gun.

At first, everything seemed fine, they told police – one of them has known the dealer for three years, and has been buying marijuana from him for the past year and a half, Quincy police wrote in the report.

The victims told police that they knew the robber goes by Suge Knight, like the rap mogul.

That’s what his Facebook name is, which they pulled up and showed police.

Police say the Facebook profile was taken down when they tried to look at it later, so they filed a request with Facebook to get the archive of it.

Suge Knight