On Monday night, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” host Stephen Colbert delivered a searing monologue that, as one person described, used “Crude” language to criticize President Donald Trump, drawing applause from some while leaving others to wonder, did Colbert go too far?

What triggered Colbert’s use of sharp language was a one-on-one interview Trump had with “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson that aired Sunday.

The monologue quickly drew backlash from conservatives such as former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, who called it “Crude” and “Awful,” and Trump supporters such as Mike Cernovich, who cried hypocrisy because liberals who have blasted conservative voices for going too far did not object to Colbert’s reference to fellatio, a reference Cernovich called homophobic.

Even the Twitter account for the so-called “Reagan Battalion,” which has been critical of the Trump administration, shared a headline from the right-leaning site Red State, “Enraged Stephen Colbert Uses Homophobic Slur To Attack Trump Because Tolerance.”

Colbert, on the other hand, was cheered and commended for hitting Trump back and standing for the free press, or as The Hollywood Reporter pointed out in a tweet, “In defense of journalists.”

Viewers are obviously split, and as of Tuesday it remained unclear whether Colbert would face additional criticism for his monologue.

We’ll keep you posted when this story develops further, but in the meantime, chime in and share your thoughts – do you think Colbert went too far? Should he apologize? Should he deliver an encore?

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