Stefan Karl Stefansson says he is now free from cancer, with the LazyTown actor saying he has recovered quickly and is now working on regaining his healthy and strength.

In late June, the wife of the Robbie Rotten actor took to social media to announced that Stefan had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was likely in his final days.

Stefansson embraced this attention, responding to fans online and even posting a live version of his character’s song “We Are Number One.” Stefansson had announced months ago that he was fighting liver cancer, prompting an even bigger response from this new internet fan base.

Though his prognosis looked grim just a few weeks ago, Stefan Karl Stefansson has now posted a more upbeat update to his cancer battle.

“I’m free from the disease, the cancer. The hell’s hurt has gone. Until it returns, whenever ever, it will never be,” Stefan Karl Stefansson said.

Stefan Karl Stefansson noted that he gets down when thinking about what he could miss if his life were cut short.

In the weeks that followed the announcement of his cancer battle, Stefan Karl Stefansson was inundated with supportive messages from fans, and he responded to many of them.

In a Facebook post from his hospital bed, Stefansson wrote that he was “Living the dream and have lived it since I first met her.”

Fans remain interested in gaining updates from Stefan Karl Stefansson’s battle with cancer, and the news about his improvement shot to the top of Reddit’s “Dank Memes” subreddit, a group that has helped the LazyTown actor become a popular meme.

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