The audience at the 88th Academy Awards seemed confused by actress Stacey Dash’s appearance on the telecast Sunday.

Dash, who’s also a Fox News host, wished America a happy Black History Month – a bit of satire playing off her widely commented-upon call this year Dash for an end to Black History Month as being counter to American values.

Th reaction – both in the live audience, w singer The Weeknd was shown on camera looking stunned and disbelieving and on social media – was swift and baffled.

Shonda Rhimes, the influential producer of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” tweeted that Dash’s appearance ruined a potential dress choice for her.

For Rhimes, Dash’s appearance was remedied by the subsequent presentation by Kerry Washington, whom she thanked for “Raising the elegance/class/grace levels in the room by a billion.”

“Dash published a blog post not long after her Oscars appearance, saying:”When they added ME to increase the diversity, I’m sure many black people rolled their eyes.

“I’m not ‘black enough,’ they say,” she wrote.

“But guess what? I’ve heard that all my life. I would rather be a free thinking, black than a cookie cutter black who thinks – and votes – just like all my friends.”

Stacey Dash