In specific parts of Asia, t are dogs whose faces are snipped into perfect squares.

HuffPost recently called dog salons all over the nation to learn if the so-called “Box cut” had yet been requested.

Even with Zabelinskaya’s avant garde sensibilities – she’s publisher of a magazine called Modern Designs Around the World – she says t is a good reason to be bearish on square-headed dogs.

“American customers are more conservative,” she observes, adding that maybe U.S. dog owners will warm to these round heads in a few years – once Japanese consumers have moved on to the next fad.

We really hope so! Riza Wisnom, a Maryland-based pet stylist who writes and teaches about Asian-style dog grooming, makes rather a convincing case for more bravery in the dog hairstyle department.

“A dog cannot be embarrassed of his style nor proud of it, either,” she says.

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Square haircut dog