As season seven of Game of Thrones begins, Craig McLean goes on set with the stars of the biggest show on television.

Here in the Titanic Quarter – named after the city’s previous biggest production – the cast, crew and creative departments of Game of Thrones are hard at work.

It is early days in the filming of season seven of the hit HBO fantasy drama, but already a sense of an ending infuses proceedings.

As its legions of fans are well aware, the battle for Westeros is reaching a climax, with the rival Houses of Stark, Lannister and Targaryen converging for an almighty clash.

The end is nigh in television terms too – t are only two truncated series and 13 episodes remaining of this global phenomenon.

In the Armourers’, piles of freshly forged weapons – broadswords, rapiers, épées – are stacked…..

Sophie Turner