It’s anyone’s guess w Trump lands on mega mergers.

Should a Sprint deal with T-Mobile come to pass, Son would have every reason to put big money to work building out the network, said Venky Ganesan, a partner at Silicon Valley firm Menlo Ventures.

“I actually think that Sprint under SoftBank is willing to invest in infrastructure in America,” said Ganesan.

“T is going to be more money coming in that is going to create jobs.”

According to Trump’s tweets, the aim is to create 50,000 jobs.

That’s an ambitious number and represents almost 70 times the number of jobs that are staying in the U.S. following Trump’s recent deal with Carrier in Indiana.

Joe Medved, who worked for SoftBank Capital and transferred to Lerer Hippeau last year along with the venture portfolio, saw his former boss in action.

Son “Has a 300-year plan for SoftBank,” Medved said in an e-mail.