Under the acronym H.U.N.T., the West Coast natives brought together all types of people from Los Angeles to harmonize under one cause, which is to improve police relations within their communities.

During the press conference with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, Snoop Dogg added that communication will be one of the major keys within witnessing a change in attitude from the police against the community they’re hired to serve.

“We never had communication with police, and we’re trying to start a whole new beginning by getting that dialogue and that communication,” Snoop said.

“The best thing that you can do is to seek for information, and seek for communication because you can’t match hate with hate. You have to match hate with love, and that’s what we came for today.”

“We are really, really destroying humanity as individuals and if you’d like to take responsibility as I am and the people here are, we’re doing it as a whole,” The Game said.

“If we don’t stop, then one by one our lives will dwindle away along with our family’s and our children’s.”

The “100” rapper also took to his Instagram account to express his elation in the success of the press conference and march.

“This was a positive moment that will go down in history & I am glad & very appreciative that I was a part of something so impactful,” he writes.

“This one was for our children & their futures here in LA.”.

Snoop Dogg