Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer play a mother and daughter vacationing together in Ecuador, w they are kidnapped and held for ransom.

The character of Emily Middleton, a directionless New Yorker who loves sex, booze and Instagram, is very much in Schumer’s wheelhouse; she could be a not-so-distant cousin of the glorious loser-heroine Schumer wrote for herself to play in the vastly superior “Trainwreck.” In the opening scenes of “Snatched,” Emily is unceremoniously dumped by her musician boyfriend, with whom she had already booked a vacation in Ecuador.

Hawn is in tamped-down mode, playing the cautious, sensible-minded foil to Schumer’s unruly comic engine.

Even still, the movie won’t do much to counter the widespread charge that Schumer, a genius at skewering male assumptions about femininity, sexuality and body image, is on much more questionable ground when it comes to using comedy to address issues of race and culture.

It’s a classic Schumer sight gag, in which the hilarity stems entirely from the spectacle of messy, inconvenient female desire, not tucked politely away but goofily liberated for a change.

Even without the casual racism, the movie would still be hard-pressed to overcome its lukewarm Mother’s Day-ready sentimentality, or to give a comic wonder like Hawn the razor-sharp big-screen comeback she’s long deserved.

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