Despite over 300 pounds of explosives, the Pontiac Silverdome is still standing after a planned implosion failed to bring down the defunct stadium.

Rick Cuppetilli, executive vice president of the Detroit-based Adamo Group contracted to demolish the Silverdome, said that the explosives hooked up to the eight main columns holding up the upper ring of the dome failed to detonate, likely due to a cut wire.

PHOTOS: See images from above and around the Silverdome during the implosion attempt.

“It looks like the Silverdome is just as resilient as Pontiac itself is,” Pontiac’s Mayor Deirdre Waterman said.

Onlookers positioned themselves across the street and outside the parameter’s fence as hundreds of people poured in to what the city had dubbed as the final tailgate party for the Silverdome in its parking lot off of Opdyke Road. Many came out decked in their Detroit Lions gear, like Chuck and Sandi Markel, husband and wife of 50-years from Marine City.

In September of 1973, the Silverdome broke ground, opening two years later in 1975.

In March of this year, Triple Investment Group signed a consent agreement with the city of Pontiac to demolish the Silverdome.

OPINION: Good riddance Silverdome, hopefully we learned from your dubious existence.