The Life of the Party, Shawn Mendes, turns 18 today.

“You think, ‘I don’t understand why the kid has so many followers because it’s only six seconds,'” Mendes said.

“But t’s an art behind getting people to be intrigued because you only have six or six-and-a-half seconds to impress people, or make people laugh in six-and-a-half seconds, or make people say, ‘Wow that was good.'”.

The Canadian said each Vine had a lot of thought behind it.

“I really would think about what part of the song was the most catchy,” said Mendes.

“What would make people remember me, making eye contact with the camera, making sure that every single aspect of it made people remember me on Vine.”.

To celebrate his birthday, we’ve excavated his social media accounts to bring you these great Mendes moments, starting with a few Vine covers.

Mendes also showcased his vocals in long-form on his YouTube channel.

While the Stiches singer’s Instagram also features throwback music clips, his frequent mirror selfies were our favorite find.

Shawn Mendes