In this sense, we will probably see similar tactics on the next Conway Shady Records album “ God Don’t Make Mistakes”, which has been confirmed as a purely original production, at least for most of its duration. A few weeks after the release of “Who Made The Sunshine”, Westside Gunn devotes some time honoring the producers of the album. Westside Gunn is a dreamy fabric cut, similar to the cut of the leader Wu-Tang RZA, and gradually built a myth around the Griselda field, which culminated in the best year of the team to date. Recently, Gunn handed over “his” debut album to the major label Shady Records, Who Made The Sunshine. Show some love on Griselda grass and follow Benny the Butcher’s debut album “Burden Of Proof”, which will be released next Friday. Interestingly, the production style used throughout the project seemed to be largely based on sampling, demonstrating the skill of all the drummers involved. And today rapper spent some time to celebrate the appearance of the producers of the album with a warm contribution from Instagram. Westside Gunn may be the best-selling hip-hop artist, at least recently. Tell me about the news of the new hot hip-hop.

Westside Gunn Praises